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Modular System

The ProQuad range enables the distribution of DVB-S(2) and A/V-signals over an existing coaxial network. This makes the ProQuad range the ideal solution for the extension of an existing cable network with satellite programs. Modern TV-sets usually have a built-in DVB-T receiver, this avoids an additional receiver or decoder.

  • easy mounting in a 19” rack system
  • combine ProSingle, ProTwin, ProQuad and A/V-modules in a single rack
  • easy combination of radio, TV and A/V-channels in the same coaxial network
  • up to 8/16/32 SD or HD programs per module
  • up to 5 modules per rack (up to 160 programs per rack)
  • the offer of TV, radio and A/V-programs can be customized to tailor the
  • needs of the customer
  • rack is cooled by fan unit

Johansson Rack-ProStreamer-0411

Reference5303S - ProSingle5303T - ProTwin5303Q - ProQuad5330 - A/V
Nb of input 4 with 4 active loop-through (0 dB loss) 4 x A/V (CVBS)
Tuner 4 tuners (4 transponders)
Frequency range 950-2150 MHz
Level -55 to -25 dBm
Bandwidth 36 MHz
Modulation DVB-S2 : QPSK, 8PSK / DVB-S : QPSK
DC remote power at RF input 13V/18V/22kHz
Nb of output 1 with 1 loop-through (-1,5 dB loss)
Frequency range 47-862 MHz
Multiplexes 1 adjacent 2 adjacent 4 adjacent 2 adjacent
Channel bandwidth 7 MHz (VHF) / 8 MHz (UHF)
Modulation QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM
OFDM mode 2K
Spectral inversion on/off
Output level 68 to 83 dBμV adjustable
Common Interface C.I 1 slot for CAM module ( to descramble up to 12 programs with multiservice CAM)
Capacity up to 8 programs up to 16 programs up to 32 programs 4 programs
Connectors RF : 10 x "F" female
Management : RJ-45
DC: "banana sockets"
Video input: 4 x CINCH
Audio input: 4 x jack Ø 3,5mm Stereo
RF: 2 x "F" female
Management: RJ-45
DC: 4 x "banana socket"
Power supply 15 VDC
Consumption 1,5 A 0,8 A
Operating temperature 0 to +40°C
Dimensions 5 RU x 8 TE x 195 mm