he ProQuad range is a digital modular Transmodulation headend. Satellite and AV signals can be transmodulated to COFDM (DVB-T) signals, to be distributed over a coaxial network.

A coaxial network is present in most buildings and this system allows you to upgrade an existing analog TV distribution system to a digital one.


DVB-S(2) -> DVB-T Transmodulator Module
A/V -> DVB-T Encoder Module

Johanson DVB-S2 DVB-T AV



Proquad technology
Programmable Quad DVB-S(2) or A/V to DVB-T Transmodulator

The ProQuad technology enables to distribute and manage satellite TV through (existing) coaxial cables on VHF-UHF frequencies. Via our GUI you can easy program, configure and manage input and output channels.

  • up to 8/16/32 SD or HD programs per module
  • up to 160 programs per 19” rack
  • 4 SAT tuners/4 transponders
  • 1/2/4 multiplexes per module
  • up to 12 decoded programs per module


  • no set-top-box needed for every user
  • SD and HD compatible
  • an be integrated in existing coaxial network
  • superior image and sound quality
  • combination of free-to-air and pay-channels
  • up to 160 programs per rack
  • custom channel package per installation
  • easy installation and configuration