ProStreamer (IPTV) - Технологии

The ProStreamer is a digital modular IPTV headend solution. Satellite, terrestrial and AV-signals can be converted to digital IP-data to be streamed over the network via multicasting.

IPTV uses standard CAT5/CAT6 Ethernet cables, also known for connecting PC’s to the Internet, for the distribution of TV-signals.

This has several big advantages:

  • Triple play: Internet, Telephone and TV over the same network. This ensures a maximal interactivity, whilst only one cable is needed.
  • In new buildings, Ethernet cables are almost always installed. In some countries, these are even obligated.

The ProStreamer system is a modular solution, so the headend can be fully customized for every installation upon customer needs. Extension of the headend is possible at every moment.


DVB-S(2)->IP ProStreamer Module
DVB-S(2) IP Streamer module 16 programs, 4 sat inputs, 4 tuners, 4 transponders
DVB-T->IP ProStreamer Module
DVB-T IP Streamer module 16 programs, 1 RF input, 4 tuners, 4 multiplexes
A/V->IP ProStreamer Module
A/V IP Streamer module 4 stereo Audio-Video inputs

Johanson DVB-S2-IP

Johanson DVB-T-IP

Johanson AV-IP

The prostreamer technology

Programmable IP streamer Quad DVB-S(2), DVB-T, A/V
The ProStreamer technology is a new interactive way to distribute and manage satellite, terrestrial and Audio Video in buildings throughout Ethernet cables (LAN).

  • up to 16 SD or HD programs per module
  • up to 12 encoded (+4 FTA) programs per module
  • 4 tuners - 4 SAT transponders
  • 4 tuners - 4 DTT multiplexes
  • flexible selection of band and polarity thanks to built in 4x4 matrix
  • up to 144 programs per rack
  • user friendly installation software
  • compatible with different types of middleware


  • SD and HD compatible
  • flexible selection of band and polarity thanks to built in 4x4 matrix
  • ethernet more suited for multimedia services
  • triple play applications (Internet, TV, Voice)
  • technology and application of the future
  • more channels, services and content
  • superior image and sound quality
  • user friendly and boundless interactivity
  • easy integration with middleware