6520 - 4 IF Channel Processor


4 super-selective single-channel filters (40 dB @ 1.25 MHz) / 4 frequency convertors / auto install function

The 6520 offers 4 super-selective SAW filters in one compact sized zamak diecast housing. These filters can be used to convert 4 digital terrestrial channels to another frequency in the UHF band. Of course it can also be used as a super-selective single-channel filter in case a normal UHF filter is not sufficient (e.g. strong interference from an LTE source, or adjacent channel interference).

The 6520 can also be used as an extension with an existing Profiler Plus or Super Profiler. By connecting the 6520 to the AUX input of the Profiler, 4 frequency converting SAW filters are added to the system. And of course, it is also possible to interconnect several 6520’s to provide more frequency converting single-channel filters. The 6520 can be controlled by means of a remote control (ref. 6565) or with the advanced Universal User Interface (UUI) for extended configuration possibilities.

Фильтр 6520 серии предлагает объединенные в один компактный литой корпус 4 супер-селективных ПАВ-фильтра. Эти фильтры можно использовать для преобразования 4 цифровых наземных каналов на другую частоту в диапазоне UHF. Конечно, он может также использоваться в качестве супер-селективного одного канала фильтра в случае обычного фильтра УВЧ недостаточно (например, сильные помехи от LTE источник, или Adjacent channel interference).

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Dimensions of product (mm): 240 x 155 x 55
Product(s) per box: 1
Dimensions of box (mm): 360 x 245 x 80
Product weight (kg): 1.6
EAN-13 code product: 2065200000012
Products per cardboard: 5
Cardboard dimensions (mm): 400 x 370 x 255
Cardboard weight (kg): 8.5
EAN-13 code packaging: 2565200000055
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