9752 - SCR Multiswitch 8 outputs


SCR multiswitch: 8 satellite inputs/1 terrestrial input, 8 outputs (8 legacy set-top boxes or 24 OLT set-top boxes)

The device has 8 satellite inputs (2 satellite positions) and an LTE-protected passive terrestrial input. The switch can distribute signals for 8 (legacy mode) up to 24 (SCR mode) receivers. By cascading several units, more receivers can be connected. Thanks to the legacy support, the multiswitch can be used even if no SCR set-top boxes are installed yet.
The wide range of satellite input levels (70 to 100 dBμV) ensures the multiswitch will work even under extreme conditions.

  • 8 satellite inputs and LTE protected passive terrestrial input
  • wide range of satellite input levels: 70 to 100 dBμV
  • high output power (AGC controlled)
  • supports auto-tuning of set-top boxes
  • low trunk-loss (ideal for cascading several multiswitches)
  • multistandard support: EN50494/BSkyB/Legacy (backwards compatible with old set-top boxes)
  • DC input for LNB powering

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