9712A - Transponder converter unit


Transponder converter unit with power supply

Distribution of satellite signals to multi users. This technology allows to transmit different user bands over one single cable drop. Each user band is dedicated to one receiver. The receiver which is tuned on its band, selects the program to be received by DiSEqCTM commands. The satellite receivers using OLTTM technology are compatible with Unicable™, CSS™ (Channel Stacking Switch) and SCR (Satellite Channel Router)

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Dimensions of product (mm): 104 x 66 x 35
Product(s) per box: 1
Dimensions of box (mm): 120 x 200 x 58
Product weight (kg): 0,37
EAN-13 code product: 2097120100015
Products per cardboard: 25
Cardboard dimensions (mm): 615 x 305 x 205
Cardboard weight (kg): 10
EAN-13 code packaging: 2597120100256
Products per pallet: