9640KIT - Multi Band Converter

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combines 2 satellites signal along one single cable Multi Band Converter with power supply

1. Upgrade your installation with a Twin (or quad) LNB for a dual tuner input digital receiver with recorder (PVR).

  • DiSEqC function allows to receive signal from 2 satellites (e.g. Astra/Hot Bird)
  • Wide band 5-2150 MHz to combine terrestrial signal.
  • Record 1 program while watching another one.

2. No additional coax cable needed between dish and receiver.

  • No need to replace the existing cable.

3. Easy mounting of external unit as simple as a snap with your fingers.

  • Weatherproof housing.
  • Protected F connectors inside the housing.
  • Horizontally and vertically mountable strap positions.
  • Quick installation means a big reduction of time.

4. Transparent system.

  • No degradation of picture .

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Dimensions of product (mm): converter: 201 x 87 x 42 / Customer device 127 x 92 x 41
Product(s) per box: 1
Dimensions of box (mm): 256 x 240 x 54
Product weight (kg): 0,95
EAN-13 code product: 2096400400012
Products per cardboard: 5
Cardboard dimensions (mm): 344 x 286 x 245
Cardboard weight (kg): 5,5
EAN-13 code packaging: 2596400400055
Products per pallet: